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Biomedical Informatics

We develop innovative imaging methods to improve screening and diagnosis of diseases, and provide clinicians with better imaging systems for treatment and intervention. We have expertise in several imaging modalities; MRI, CT, X-ray, Ultrasound, PET, SPECT and Endoscopy. The main applications are oncology, neurodegeneration, musculoskeletal diseases, trauma, surgical planning and endoscopy based surgery. Our goal is to improve treatment outcomes and increase healthcare productivity.

Biomedical Imaging Software Methods

Image analysis – lead by Jurgen Fripp

The aim of this team is to develop software for characterising diseases from medical images, and for training and planning of computer assisted interventions. The main approach is to embed into image processing algorithms expert knowledge from physiology, biology, pathology, and the physics of the imaging acquisition. Novel approaches based on machine learning are being investigated. The team develop and support the MILXview software suite.

Translational research and Oncology – lead by Steve Rose

This team focuses on Oncology diagnostic and treatment using imaging as well as the investigation of novel imaging technologies, in particular exploring advanced MRI techniques (diffusion, arterial spin labelling), and novel PET markers (inflammation, hypoxia). The team tries to achieve impact by translating to the clinic innovative image analysis and new technologies.

Image guided surgery – lead by Cedric Dumas

The team investigates novel technologies for image guided intervention such as endoscopy procedures  (e.g. colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, ...). Examples include advanced visual and haptic rendering for surgical simulations to train physicians, real-time assistance during examination, and remote mentoring of medical procedures. The aims are to improve patient safety (off patient training), improve physicians skills (reharsal, maintain skills) and have a better use of existing tools (dissemination of best practices, remote mentoring). The team has expertise in real-time computer graphics, virtual reality and medical simulation; they have developed the MILXsim software platform.

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