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The CSIRO Biomedical Informatics Group develops software technologies to analyse and visualise medical data for improving patient outcome and healthy ageing at lower cost through better screening, diagnosis, and treatment of the major diseases.

Our expertise include MRI, PET, ultrasound, X-ray, CT, genomics, proteomics, biostatistics, and scientific visualisation.

BIG hightlights


Clinical Imaging Team led by Steve Rose investigates novel imaging techniques and translates medical imaging informatics technology to the clinical environment to improve patient management, outcomes and hospital workflow.

Medical Image Analysis Team led by Jurgen Fripp develops software methods to extract information from medical images for helping clinicians and researchers to reduce costs, provide new insights, and improve diagnosis and screening tools

Transformational bioinformatics Team led by Denis Bauer develops clinically usable tools for the incorporation of large, complex and diverse life science datasets (such as high throughput sequencing, gene expression, proteomics) to facilitate better patient treatment and improved clinical outcomes.

Biodata Visualisation Team led by Sean O'Donoghue develops novel visualisation methods that enable new insights from biological and health data.


We are continually looking for PhD and Master students interested in developing and applying their skills in Biomedical engineering and applied mathematics to create impact. Meet our team members here.

Projects and software

Most of our projects are in collaboration with leading Australian and international groups and leverage capabilities across the whole of CSIRO. A selection of projects managed by our staff can be found here. Many software that we have developed are available for download here, and most are open source.

Partnering with us

Whether you are a clinician seeking specific bioinformatics expertise, a researcher looking for teaming up in a clinical study or looking for collaboration, or a company interested in the commercialisation of biomedical informatics technologies, we can help creating value for your research, customers, and patients. Please contact us.


Our activity is supported by several funding agencies and commercial companies, including:



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    We would be pleased to hear from the following people:
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